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Between The Sheets

CBD Lube (Intimate Oil)


CBD Lube-Our most popular intimate product. Helps you enjoy sex as it was intended. This can promote pleasurable sensations while helping dull discomfort.


This thicker CBD lube was specially formulated for exploratory play.


Take your sex life to new heights with sensation enhancing CBD Erotic Topical Oil.


This natural hemp and avocado massage oil will hydrate your skin with rich omega 3's and vitamin E. The CBD's anti-inflammatory properties helps you tolerate even deeper tissue massage and smells like a cherry dipped ice cream cone.


50MG Baking soda, Epsom salt, citric acid, corn starch, mineral pigment, palmarosa, rosemary, and rosehip essential oils. Topped with rose scented salts and rose petals

Between The Sheets

Privy Peach Sample Pack


Plants Over pills Tank Top CBD Lip Gloss Erotic Oil Sample Intimate Oil Sample Tri-Fold Info Brochure  


Increase your libido and overall sense of well being, naturally! Can be used daily in lieu of traditional tincture. The case studies showed marked improvement in mood, general sense of well being, as well as marked sexual wellness. Reap all of the benefits of hemp oil with the entourage effect created from our unique Terpene blend.