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My Story

I have always struggled in my intimate life. My life hasn't exactly been an easy one. I have dealt with both pain due to trauma from a sexual assault, and severe anxiety and bouts of depression from being in a domestic violence situation.

My friends would always tell me about the great sex they had, and I would just sit there in awe. WHY CAN'T I??? On very few occasions was I able to let my guard down enough to experience pleasure after finally escaping my situation. My intimate life was more of a nuisance than an added perk to my life. I started wondering what I could do to start to enjoy my life the way others could, if there was anything I could do to help, especially when it came to intimacy.

I began to read success story after success story about people using cannabis to treat all kinds of ailments, both physical and emotionally. THC however, triggers my anxiety even worse. Then I finally discovered CBD, which is present in Marijuana but also in the miracle hemp plant. I scoured the internet, watched dozens of peoples lives completely changed by CBD. After finding out that CBD is non psychoactive on it's own, I tried it. My mind was blown. I took my first dose of hemp oil, and I felt....NOTHING! Just peace and sense of well being. My anxiety had melted away. I began to experiment with using it for pain, and wow how it worked! My first idea was for the CBD lubricant, and all of the other ideas started flowing!

​This is where the idea for Privy Peach came about (Privy meaning, private, confidential) and peach (well ladies, we all know that one.) All of my products are made with CBD from industrial hemp in a regulated facility in Boulder, Colorado, and tested to ensure they are legal and free from THC.

So here it is ladies, the line I have created to change lives. I want to start giving back. If one of my products can make you feel good, smell good, or even just enjoy life a little bit more, my story will be a successful one. xoxo- Privy Peach