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CBD for Erectile Dysfunction

Kimberly Koehler

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ED... such a taboo subject and a source of shame for so many guys, but why? The source of so many jokes in my age group (my 30s), but the unfairness of it all is so disappointing to me.  There are multiple reasons the guys in every age group suffer from this issue. Some of them are mental such as depression, anxiety, lack of good communication with their partner, and many issues are physically related.    The most common erectile dysfunction medications run around $20 per pill, completely unfair and sad. Even though there are options out there, men in...

CBD- A New Hope for Sexual Dysfunction and Trauma in Women

CBD- A New Hope for Sexual Dysfunction and Trauma in Women
I remember the very exact moment that I found my calling, I literally cried. I finally discovered my life’s purpose and the reason why I went through all the things that I went through. I could finally turn the bad into good and change lives just like mine had been changed. It may not be a miracle, but the combination of consuming CBD and using CBD topically has certainly felt like one to me.