CBD for Erectile Dysfunction

Kimberly Koehler

Cannabis for erectile dysfunction ED... such a taboo subject and a source of shame for so many guys, but why? The source of so many jokes in my age group (my 30s), but the unfairness of it all is so disappointing to me.  There are multiple reasons the guys in every age group suffer from this issue. Some of them are mental such as depression, anxiety, lack of good communication with their partner, and many issues are physically related. 


The most common erectile dysfunction medications run around $20 per pill, completely unfair and sad. Even though there are options out there, men in their 20s, 30s and 40s are often times too embarrassed to reach out to their physician for help. Many of them can’t talk about their issues with their friends for fear of judgment and ridicule. I hear people all the time making fun of other guys size and shape as well... something completely out of their control and , I’m not going to lie, I’ve stooped this low in my past as to make fun of people for these issues before I really started becoming more aware of sexual health and wellness both in men and women. 

Erectile dysfunction effects close to 300 million men worldwide.  This issue can play a major role in the man’s mental health, sense of confidence, relationships, and even general health. Not only does this affect the man, but it also affects many women involved with these men. I once dated a guy who told me that I was the only person that’s ever happened with. It happened a few times, but he always put the blame on me, it really messed with my head, and had a toll on my self-confidence as well. (The same guy ended up standing me up on three separate occasions… shame on me for staying anyway...)


After starting Privy Peach to help women with their sexual issues, I realized that men are just as in need for help. I’ve been working for months on developing a product that helps tackle not only the mental factors that can cause ED, but also to help with the physical issues such as libido, circulation and stamina. Stay tuned, as I am rigorously fine-tuning and testing this infused product, and cannot wait to see how many more lives it can change. 

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