Why Choose cbd for sexual health and wellness?


CBD can relax muscles and reduce feelings of stress. This simple soothing formula works even with the most sensitive skin. Ingredients: Ultra-filtered virgin coconut oil with nano emulsified broad spectrum CBD Apply topically to desired areas


Sensation Intensifying Our unique formula uses the incredible circulation-boosting power of hemp oil and combines it with well-known aphrodisiac essential oils that will make you squeal with delight. It can help you reach climax faster and more effectively. 12-15mg Pouches 36 ML Ingredients: full spectrum hemp infused coconut oil, cocoa butter, vanilla, jasmine, lavender, cardamom, [...]


Increase your libido and overall sense of well being, naturally! Can be used daily in lieu of traditional tincture. The case studies showed marked improvement in mood, general sense of well being, as well as marked sexual wellness. Reap all of the benefits of hemp oil with the entourage effect created from our unique Terpene blend.


Water Based Intimate Relief Serum


Instantly feel a pleasant rush upon application, followed by a warming sensation when friction is applied.

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CBD infused intimate butter


Sugar Cookie Lip Butter

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Sexy and sensual Gift set •Sensation Intensifying Erotic Oil • Naked Cookie Lip Butter •Love Spell Bath Bomb