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Never be ashamed of being a powerful f🍑cking woman.

Kim Koehler-CEO and Founder of Privy Peach

I found a new manufacturer that was going to finally bring on the dream products I’ve been so excited about, then my NEW (6 months in) business partner pulled the plug as soon as Covid hit. Nope, he said. It’s over, it’s not working, covid is essentially going to be the end of the world, and he chose to sacrifice Privy Peach first. Almost daily he said “I’ll just shut it down!” I would sit there and beg and say this is all I have. My agreed and contracted salary first got slashed than taken down to ZERO even though I had to support my 6 yearold as a single mom. (The company was generating revenue, he just flat out said no more pay, from a company I started. (Never trust a man to keep his word ladies 😂).

I also closed my final store front Element One a business I have owned since 2007 in one of my favorite places in downtown Littleton. Turning in the keys felt like a piece of my soul died. (I had to shut it down as I have not one customer stop foot in the door in five months).

F🍑ck you Covid.

Success was so close I could taste it. Now with my son, I’ve been trying to shelter him from the stress of the pandemic, and riots, but also teaching him empathy, contributing to the cleanup of our city as well as heading out water to protesters to show them that we see and hear them, and that all lives matter, and live, not destruction will win.

clean up at the capital building

You may have seen some of your favorite SKUs disappearing from the website, or lack of as much enthusiasm coming out of the brand out of the last few months. Without naming names or getting into very specific details, I feel empowered to inform my beautiful clients of some of the things I have been dealing with, and new and exciting things should be just around the corner.

I will be the first to admit that I have been suffering severely with my mental health lately, my whole life seemed to just start unraveling before my eyes. My depression is still coming in waves, and anxiety hitting me like a freight train, even waking me from a deep sleep with heaviness in my chest and shortness of breath. It sucksss!!! I know so many of you are in the same boat.

The downward spiral, It started March 5….

I got Covid, (recovered quickly thank God). Then I met an amazing man online who seemed like a dream come true. We weren’t dating too long. (Two months to be exact), but he called me his girlfriend once the day before he passed and I liked the way it sounded, it felt good, he acted proud to have me on his arm. I have been essentially single for five years and I’ve never had someone claim me as their girl…

He was a brilliant, funny, gentle and kind man to me, and was determined to help me grow a Privy peach to the next level. The last day I saw him, he was kindly helping me, with absolutely nothing to gain in return. He looked me straight in the eye and told me he firmly believed that Privy Peach can, and will become the next best thing…and he meant it. He hugged me and told me to take a deep breath, things were about to change, and that I would never have to worry about anything again. I left and felt like I was on cloud nine. Tragically, 6 hours after that last hug, he took his last breath and very tragically drowned in a rafting accident about 3 months ago.

Rest In Peace Mike.

I will make it work no matter like the cost, because felt so strongly about something good I was finally doing to help people overcome trauma.

I’ve been through a hell of a lot over the years, losing my dad to prescription drugs, domestic violence, rape, loss of income, verbal abuse, stalking, loss of friends and loved ones, health scares and complications, betrayal, theft, and much more.

I believe in my baby, my mission, my company that I poured my heart and soul into for years and invested everything I earned for three years company. My company that I literally created to help rape survivors, and other women’s issues that cause pain during sex.

I wanted to make a blog as a list of affirmations:

• I will succeed, what that success will look like I do not now, but I can and will.

• I have literally been labeled as one of the pioneers in the CBD industry (how bad 🍑ss is that)?

• I have received email after email and direct message after direct message from people literally telling me that my products have changed their lives. (if that doesn’t motivate the heck out of you, I don’t know what would). Please keep sending me your stories of how Privy Peach is helping you. I need them, I treasure them. 💕

•I am responsible for my own success and happiness. People’s that who have been supposed to be there to encourage and support me have straight up told me that my company will fail, or that I should get a real job for some stability . Oh hell no… 😳

• I might be One of those people who work seriously until the sun comes up on day, and then spend the next day drinking wine laying in bed with my best friends, or taking my son on a long and beautiful bike ride.

•Balance is the KEY to success! It’s like CrossFit and cake… sort of…

•Quality of LIFE f🍑cking matters.!

•Staying classy, I’m not talking Christian Louboutin, Gucci, Lamborghinis. I don’t even own own designer piece. (🤣 someday…people..Not that I am opposed to those things). Gucci belt…my birthdays in April people, lol. Hint hint 😉 I mean classy in a sense to uplift others, even your competition. What go’s around comes around.

•I dream, I plan, I make, I execute. My planning and execution definitely looks different than most as I am a creative rarity will not a lot of structure in my life.

•I invest in very few things, my company, my child and in experiences and travel with those closest to me. Privy Peach Mexico here we come!

• If you know anyone suffering from pain during sex, sexual anxiety, PTSD, or just wanting a better quality of life in general, I ask you to spread the word about Privy Peach! As a community of women, we can support and help each other. I’m so grateful for everyone of my clients who have stuck by my side.

Now tell me, how are all of YOU holding you?
Let’s do this peaches!!!! Xoxo-Privy Peach

(aka: Kim Koehler)

“ if you want something said ask a man, if you want something done ask a woman“. 😁

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